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20% OFF GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes

GoDaddy Renewal Tips: INR Currency Switch

GoDaddy is concentrating on helping SMBs to build their websites and grow their businesses in India. Therefore, Godaddy has been optimistic about the growth of e-commerce in India. And increasing investment in the Indian market.

The tip is switching your currency to INR (Indian currency), you’ll get saving 27% off.

Transfer Feedback Request

This is another trick that requests a renewal discount link from GoDaddy support. Generally speaking, it is not valid for everyone. But you can try it…
  1.  Login to your GoDaddy account.
  2.  Click ‘Transfer domain away from GoDaddy’ at the bottom of domain settings page.
  3.  On next page, requesting a renewal coupon in the form ‘Why are you transferring?’.
  4.  Wait for some time. You may receive a renewal offer link in your email.
  5.  You will get 20% off domain renewal discount, click the offer button to check out.

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club
We must understand the ownership of a domain name. That means you have the right to use a domain name when you pay for it in a certain period, not purchasing it forever. However, you extend your domain ownership by renewing it before its registration period ends.

For almost all domain registrars, there are two ways to renew domain names.
  • Manual renewal
  • Auto renewal
For GoDaddy, you can log in to your GoDaddy account and renew your registration manually at any time. Similarly, setting your domain names to renew automatically, then GoDaddy will attempt to renew them and process the payment from your credit card details. In additions, turning off automatic renewal if you no longer want to adopt this way through GoDaddy.

Obviously, the advantage of manual renewal is that add additionals years to your domain name any time with GoDaddy renewal coupon.

On the other hand, with auto-renewal, you never need to worry about your domain expiration, as well as additional registration actions. Your domain name is always safe instead of losing ownership of your domain.

To solve domain renewals and registrations, GoDaddy discount domain club comes out.
Simply put, discount domain club gives you the lowest prices on new domains, transfers, and renewals – even pre-registration. Yep, saving up to 40% off on domain renewals. That’s why we list it here.

What is a Domain Name?
To put it simply, a domain name is the name of a computer or networks on the Internet. In other words, the domain name is a nickname of an IP address(such as The purpose of a domain name is to facilitate remembering and communicating the address of a group of servers.

For instance, the official website of the Apple Inc. domain name is www.apple.com, that is easier to remember than its IP address.
A domain name consists of two parts,  top-level domain(TLD) and subdomain. They are separated by a dot, such as example.com. The right-most of the dot is a top-level domain; for example, com is the top-level domain of example.com. Then, the left part is a subdomain of the right part separated by a dot. For instance, the example is a subdomain of the com domain, and www is a subdomain of example.com in domain www.example.com.

Where to Register a Domain Name?
Ok, after understanding some of the basics of domain names, However, where to go to register a domain name?

Domain Name Registrar.
A domain name registrar is a company that provides domain registration service to individuals or businesses. Also, anyone can register a domain name and gain the right to use it by paying the registrar a yearly fee if it hasn’t already been registered.

There are thousands of domain name registrars where people can register their domains. However, it’s important to note that choosing a registrar which is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Go to http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html for a complete list of ICANN accredited registrars.

Here is a list of favorite domain registrars:
  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Name.com
  • Network Solutions
  • eNom.com
How to Register a Domain Name?
Well, in fact, when you are planning to start a new website for your business, one of the most critical steps is choosing a domain name for your site. Furthermore, picking the perfect domain name is first right thing after a lot of thought and consideration.

Nevertheless, HOW TO choose the right domain name?

We have FIVE tips that you can use to pick the best domain for your website.
  • Easy to remember
There are already millions of registered domain names. So, a memorable domain name is particularly important. It can be special, unique, catchy, and it is essential to type easily in the browser.
  • Use keywords
It’s a sincere suggestion that using exactly a keyword related to your business in a domain name. You not only explicitly tell the user your website business from your domain name, but also tell the search engine your relevant keywords.

For example, if your site is about the cat food then try to get a domain name like www.thecatfood.com or www.freshcatfood.com.
  • Make it short
The problem of a long and complicated domain name is not easy to remember. In addition, you will lose some traffic if the visitors enter typos with longer domain names. So, choosing a relatively short domain name is a wise choice.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
Even the domain name has been taken if you want, do not appear hyphens or numbers in your domain name. Try adding a letter or word to replace that. It not only looks very unprofessional but also prone to typos.
  • Use .com extension
There is no doubt that .com extension is the best choice for a domain name. As a matter of fact, .com extension is more familiar and easier to remember. If you register a domain, go with .com first.

Registering your first domain name with GoDaddy:
As we mentioned earlier, GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar which is accredited by ICANN. In fact, GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world.

In this piece, we’ll cover how to register a domain name at GoDaddy.

Let’s dive right in.

Step 1. Into GoDaddy official website, and search the domain name according to our tips above.
Step 2. After searching it, select an available domain name and click to select $2.99/year discounted price. It should be noted that this price is available for only the first year. That is to say, when you register your domain for two years or more, the first year is $2.99 and additional years are $14.99. Renewing your domain is also $14.99/year.

OK, Let’s continue.
Step 3. According to ICANN regulation, any person or company must submit their contact information to the domain name provider when you register a domain name. This contact information is public, and anyone can quickly search and get it on the internet.

However, with privacy protection, your confidential information is no longer available for public replacing by proxy. For beginners, taking into account the budget, you should select ‘No Thanks’.
Step 4.  GoCentral is a website builder service with an integrated set of marketing and e-commerce tools to help anyone create a professional website.

Trying GoCentral for one month is free. Then $29.99/month after.

Step 5. In fact, once you have a domain name, there is a free custom email along with such as contact@newcatfood.com. However, you need to set up email forwarding from the domain to an existing email account like Gmail, Outlook, or other providers.

Step 6. Finally, proceed to checkout of this domain. We listed many coupons or promo codes above, and you can find the best one suit for you.
All in all, the process of domain registration is an easy, even less than five minutes to complete. However, as we mentioned earlier, choosing a right domain name is the most critical problem that you should consider first.

What If My Domain Name Has Expired?
Once your domain has expired, you can renew it free in Renew Grace Period. Once Renew Grace Period ends, the expired domain name will be in Redemption Grace Period. You can still renew the domain by paying a redemption fee. However, once the Redemption Grace Period ends, the registrar will release this domain name to the registry.

The length of the Renew and Redemption Grace Period depend on the registrar, most general top-level domain name extensions like .com have a 42-day grace period.

Here is a timeline based on .com domain name at GoDaddy.
  • Day 1-18. Renew Grace Period – Godaddy will try to renew your domain name three times during this period automatically. Or you can manually renew the domain name. It does not require an additional fee in 1 to 18 day.
  • Day 19-42. Redemption Grace Period – This period is kept from 19 to 42 days, during which time you can still renew domain name by paying a redemption fee ($80).
  • Day 43. GoDaddy assigns the domain name to the winner of the domain name auction, backorder or closeout. If the domain name has not been renewed or bought, GoDaddy releases the domain name to the registry.
Wrapping Up
There you have it – HOW to register your domain name at GoDaddy, and then renew it with domain renewal coupon. Now that you’re aware of renewal trick, hopefully, you can save a cup of coffee from a domain.

Of course, we also included some great GoDaddy offers. So, grab some of the coupons we listed suit for you.
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GoDaddy Promo Codes For 2018: Up to 93% discount

If you bought anything from GoDaddy before, then you probably know they have some real sweet coupons, but the problem is that finding the best GoDaddy promo code for your order is not a very straightforward task. Partly because most deal sites lists duplicate and outdated coupons, sometimes even phony.
So, I thought It would be worth it to maintain an up-to-date list here of the best GoDaddy promotional offers. After all, I use them almost every week as I'm a domainer and those promos save me a fortune over time. You'll find that the list below is far more accurate and helpful than coupon sites like FatWallet, RetailMeNot, or Groupon. All coupons are working as of 2018.
You'll also find a list of some helpful tricks that almost as valuable as the coupon codes, and you won't find such factual advice on typical deal sites because they just don't know GoDaddy as much as a domainer.

Without further ado, Here are the Best Working GoDaddy Promo Codes:

7 Incredibly Helpful Tricks To Save Money without a GoDaddy Coupon Code:

  1. Not all coupons work sitewide on any product. So, You need to choose the best promo code for your order based on the products you're ordering and the total amount you’ll pay. For example, some coupons only work on specific products (e.g., a .co domain name or an SSL Certificate) while some other codes give you XX% discount if your order is above $YY for example. So, you need to check the list above and Choose Wisely. (pun intended :D)
  2. GoDaddy's $0.99 .COM domain coupon is one of the best things in the world of domains. Sadly, You can redeem this deal once. But, if you didn't make use of it before, Now is the time. Get the most popular TLD for just 99 cents. Who can't afford 99 cents for a full year of domain registration
  3. I don't think It is worth it to buy add-on services and thin upsells like that Search Engine Visibility service. It is 2018. Google will still find your website, anyway. That stuff stopped being worth it a decade ago. DMOZ has been shut down for god's sake, Do we need any more signs to stop caring about old SEO mumbo-jumbo?!
  4. I know that the introductory GoDaddy hosting coupon that gives you a full year for $12 is super cheap, but don't forget that you'll renew at the original pricing points which are way higher. Yes, we can still hook you up with a GoDaddy renewal coupon, but It still won’t be that competitive considering other cheap options like Bluehost or HostGator. So, you might give it some thought first.
  5. GoDaddy has a section called Partner Deals which is basically a collection of premium products and tools that you can get for free or a discount if you’re a GoDaddy customer. This includes a lot of amazing perks like 500 business cards from Vistaprint for just $9.99, $300 in Yelp ads, and 15% off HP. You can also get a 30 to 90-day free trial of a lot of products like QuickBooks, Zoho, MetroFax, Gusto, & eFax.
  6. GoDaddy regular promo codes don't apply to domain renewals and vice versa. So, If you're planning to renew some domains and also register new ones, you should split them into 2 orders so you can apply a regular coupon on your new registrations and still get discount on your renewals.
  7. You can't get a discount on automatic renewals for sure. So, I highly advise that you renew your domains in advance and bundle them together in one renewal transaction to get a decent discount. Go ahead and renew all your domains now to make use of the above renewal promotion trick while it still works.

GoDaddy FAQs:

Questions about GoDaddy Coupons & Discounts:

  • How to use a GoDaddy promo code and Where to enter it?
    1. Copy the best code for your order from the list above.
    2. Locate a link called "Have a promo code?" on your checkout form. Check the below image right above "Payment." 
    3. Click on it to show the promo code redemption form
    4. Put the coupon code in the text input field
    5. Click "Apply."
  • How to re-use GoDaddy's $0.99 coupon code more than once?
    You cannot use it more than once. This coupon works once for each customer, so if you used it once, your account wouldn't be eligible to apply it again.
  • Why my promo code is in the cart but still showing the full price?
    Sometimes coupon doesn't apply to the product type you're buying (e.g., domain renewals), but GoDaddy checkout form will let you enter the code, but won't let you redeem the discount.
  • When do GoDaddy coupon codes expire?
    It depends on the coupon code itself. Some coupons never expire while others run as a limited-time promotion.

Product-related Questions:

  • Should I get a Private WhoIS service with my domain?
    I usually do because It is more private and prevents spam emails. It is also better if you're investing in domains because It gives you some leverage during negotiations as buyers can’t assess your profile.
  • How to transfer a domain name to GoDaddy?
    1. Get EPP Code (Sometimes called “Transfer Key” or “Authorization Code”) from your current domain registrar after making sure the domain is in “Unlocked” state.
    2. On GoDaddy website, Go to domain transfer and purchase it for your domain.
    3. Enter the EPP code.
    4. You’ll receive an email when the transfer process is complete.
  • Is GoDaddy's Website Builder (GoCentral) better than Wix?
    Frankly, I don't think so. I believe Wix's product is moving much faster in the last couple years. I see that GoDaddy’s GoCentral has such a huge demand and is considered one of the top site builders, but Wix looks more modern to me.
  • How to change my domain nameservers at GoDaddy?
    1. Locate the domain name in your GoDaddy Account Manager.
    2. Navigate to the "Settings" tab and Locate the "Nameservers" section and then Click "Manage."
    3. You'll be taken to the "Nameserver Settings" screen where you need to Click "Custom" and then put up your nameservers exactly as you got it from your web host.
    4. Click "OK" to save your new settings and wait for the nameservers to propagate within a few hours.
  • Is GoDaddy good at what they do?
    When it comes to domain names, they’re hands down the best and most popular registrar. The only consideration I have is that their generic shared hosting is not superb despite being the most popular and cheap worldwide. I recommend HostGator or BlueHost if you can afford the extra money.
  • How to upload my website files & HTML to GoDaddy?
    1. Login to your cPanel using the instructions above.
    2. Locate “File Manager” and Click on it.
    3. Click on your “public_html” folder and Click on it.
    4. Click “Upload” and select your website files from your computer. You can also compress and upload it and then decompress the file through the File Manager.
  • How to install WordPress on GoDaddy?
    1. Click on “Web Hosting” after signing in to your GoDaddy account.
    2. Locate the domain name you want to setup WordPress on and Click “Manage.”
    3. Click “WordPress” in the “Popular Apps” section.
    4. Click “Install.”
    5. Fill in the empty fields; Domain, Admin Name, Password.
    6. Congratulations, WordPress is installed.
  • How to set up GoDaddy email?
    1. Click “Manage” in your Workspace Email control panel.
    2. Click “Set Up” on the account you want to set up.
    3. Select the domain and the account credit you want.
    4. Click “Manage” on the email account you want to use from the list.
    5. Click “Create.”
    6. Enter the email address and password you want to use.
    7. Click “Create,” and you're done.
      Note: There might be different steps required to setup your email on your phone or Microsoft Outlook.
  • How to login to my email on GoDaddy?
    To access your webmail, You need to go to GoDaddy’s Workspace Webmail and Fill in your email address and password, then hit “Sign In.”
  • How to forward my GoDaddy email to another email address?
    1. Go to your Workspace account and then click on “Home.”
    2. Locate the email address you want to forward and Click on it.
    3. Click on the small “+” sign to see the additional options.
    4. Select “Send a copy to:,” and then put your other email address.
    5. Click “Save,” and you’re done.
  • How to build a website using GoDaddy's Website Builder?
    1. Log in to your account and Click on “Website Builder/InstantPage.”
    2. Locate the domain you want to create a website for and Click “Manage.”
    3. Choose a theme that suits your website and business.
    4. Enter your business and contact information.
    5. Hit “Next” and Watch the demo video to get familiar with the Website Builder and start editing your site.
  • How to access my cPanel on GoDaddy’s hosting?
    1. In your browser, Go to YourDomainHere.com/cpanel
    2. Enter the username and password you’ve got from GoDaddy.
    3. Hit “Login,” and you’ll be on your cPanel dashboard.
  • How does GoDaddy work?
    GoDaddy is an accredited domain registrar that works through ICANN to register domains for its customers and take care of the technology necessary to manage them.

8 Tips For Choosing a Good Domain Name:

  • A .COM is worth a thousand .nets.
  • Keep it short. Short is memorable.
  • Make it easy to pronounce and understand if heard over a phone call.
  • Keep it brandable.
  • Avoid hyphens and un-necessary numbers at all costs.
  • Don't choose a name that will limit your future growth. Maybe you'll want to expand to another market in the future.
  • Make sure It is not unintentionally inappropriate. For example, ExpertsExchange.com could be perceived as ExpertSexChange.com. This was a real website, by the way.
  • Make sure It is not a registered trademark.
  • Don’t use a TLD that doesn’t go with your industry or business. For example, don’t register a .biz if you’re launching a personal blog. Actually, Never register a .biz :)

10 GoDaddy Pros:

  1. GoDaddy is the most popular domain name registrar. They actually dominate the space and have the absolute biggest amount of domains registered through them. 73 million to be exact.
  2. GoDaddy’s prices are low compared to most other registrars. Because of their huge size, they can offer pretty competitive prices. Even without using any of the GoDaddy promos above, they're still cheap.
  3. GoDaddy has one of the best security standards in the industry which is very important for domainers.
  4. Go Daddy has the best customer support. They're pretty reachable and professional. They have an extensive Knowledgebase and Support Forums, but you can always reach them through Email, Live Chat, FacebookTwitter, or Call them at (480) 505-8877 or (602) 814-8877
  5. Their internal domain push service is super smooth, unlike some other registrars who usually complicate such simple tasks.
  6. They provide some fantastic coupons that could slash your bill significantly. Frankly, GoDaddy has too many promotional codes that it sometimes becomes overwhelming to locate the best one for your order. That's why I created this ever-updated post.
  7. Their interfaces are user-friendly. It is super easy to register, renew, manage, or even sell domains. Compared to a registrar like Dynadot, GoDaddy’s UX rocks.
  8. I believe you should always make sure your domain is with a registrar that won't go bankrupt in the foreseeable future. I know there is ICANN to protect us, but I just want to stay safe. GoDaddy is a company that will stay here even a century from now. The internet depends on it, and It became too big to fail anytime soon.
  9. They have the most extensive variety of registrable TLDs (Top-level domains) including a lot of the new gTLDs. There are even some TLDs that you can't find outside GoDaddy. The majority of the new TLDs are being sold for far more on other registrars because they don't have sufficient demand or market share of those.
  10. Typical Domain Name WhoIS crawlers can't get your contact info through a simple WhoIS call because GoDaddy requires you to do it manually through their website and answer captcha, so that means way fewer spam emails from those sketchy spammers collecting your email through scrapping DomainTools WhoIS tool for example.

5 GoDaddy Cons:

  1. Their hosting service is not one of the fastest at all. I tried them back in 2011, and I don't like it, frankly. I'm not saying that GoDaddy is the worst host. Actually, they're the most popular Linux web host in the world. I tried a lot of web hosts, and I know Go Daddy is not the best at all. I love GoDaddy when it comes to domains, but I'm not that big of a fan of their web hosting services. Their uptime is questionable, and their hosting speed just sucks. I've tested it a lot before moving out. I hear a lot of good things about GoDaddy’s new WordPress hosting recently, but I didn’t try it frankly.
  2. GoDaddy Domain Auctions are actually open to everyone to bid on up to the last second. This is a bad thing for domain investors who want to bid on premium domains without inviting competition.
  3. Their marketing sometimes looks pretty weird to me. I know sex sells, but that doesn't mean I should love it as a customer. They don’t do it now as much as the early days with their TV commercials.
  4. GoDaddy’s “classic/web” shared hosting plans comes with their own custom web hosting control panel, not the usual cPanel we're all familiar with. The hosting is still Linux-based and running on Apache server. So, You can still enjoy stuff like Webmail and run PHP scripts. If you want a cPanel with your hosting, You should get a cPanel hosting plan. This is another service that GoDaddy provides.
  5. In 2011, The company backed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which upset a lot of people and resulted in a significant boycott of the brand. It is their biggest mistake to date.

GoDaddy Products List:

Most people think of GoDaddy.com just as a domain name registrar, but actually, they provide quite a variety of other essential products. Here is a full list of their products for your convenience:
  • Domain Names:
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Domain Value Appraisal
    • Domain Auctions
    • Discount Domain Club
    • Domain Brokerage
    • Domain Reseller Programs
    • CashParking
    • Domain Backorder
  • Web Hosting:
    • Shared Hosting (Plans: Economy, Deluxe, & Ultimate)
    • Business Hosting (Plans: Prime, Premium, & Enterprise)
    • WordPress Hosting (Plans: Basic, Deluxe, & Ultimate)
    • Pro Managed WordPress Hosting
    • VPS Hosting (Plans: Economy, Value, Deluxe, & Ultimate)
    • Dedicated Servers
  • GoCentral: Website Builder and Online Store
  • Professional Email. (GoDaddy Workspace)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Productivity Tools: Microsoft Office & Online Bookkeeping
  • SmartLine: Second & Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Were you looking for a GoDaddy Renewal Coupon?

This page here is for general GoDaddy coupons, but as you may know, those don't apply to your existing product renewals. If you're not trying to register a new domain or buy a new service, you should check this page for some GoDaddy renewal promo codes that still actually work in 2018.

Looking for domain promo codes from other registrars?

GoDaddy is the best domain registrar, but if you are looking for deals from other domain registrars and web hosts, You can still enjoy other promotions like this NameCheap coupon. Looking for decent hosting on sale? Make use of this Bluehost coupon or this HostGator coupon.

Explain “Domain Name” Like I’m Five:

domain name is your home address on the internet. It is the string in your website address right after the www. and before the first backslash. People use it to access your site instead of having to remember your IP address. Domain names come in hundreds of extensions called TLDs, and they're all under the management of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You can read more about how the DNS (Domain Name System) works here.

So, What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Inc. is the world's largest domain name registrar with 17+ million customers worldwide and 73 million domain names under management as of May 2017. GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons in Baltimore, Maryland. It quickly became a huge success. They have more than 6,000 employees in 14 offices worldwide including Silicon Valley, Seattle, Cambridge, Phoenix, and Hyderabad (GoDaddy India).
GoDaddy is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. It is currently being run by Mr. Blake Irving as CEO and Mr. Charles Robel as Chairman. The company is being traded as GDDY on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Its revenue in 2016 was $1,847,900,000 with $21.9M of net income.

How GoDaddy.com Started?

Robert Ralph "Bob" Parsons sold his financial software company, Parsons Technology, Inc., to Intuit for $65 million in 1994. Three years later, he came out of his retirement for a mission. Starting a company called Jomax Technologies. In 1999, The team decided to rebrand as GoDaddy Group Inc. The company has received funding rounds from top VCs like Technology Crossover Ventures, KKR, & Silver Lake.
Why Is GoDaddy So Famous For Their Marketing?
Personally, Sometimes their marketing campaigns look off to me, but it is very effective indeed. Their bizarre and creative super bowl ads were always quite a success. The story began in 2009 when the company hired the golfer Anna Rawson as the first GoDaddy Girl followed by Marina Orlova and Jillian Michaels. However, the most famous GoDaddy face has always been the beautiful American IndyCar driver, Danica Patrick. They're also famous for supporting NASCAR and founding GoDaddy Bowl.
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GoDaddy Renewal Coupon 2018: 35% Promo Code That Actually Works

This post covers everything about all currently valid GoDaddy renewal coupon codes. In case you’re in a hurry and just want to get your hands on the coupons, Reveal them below:
IMPORTANT TIP: You MUST switch the currency to Indian Rupees (INR) for the discount to be activated. Sometimes, the coupon gives an error, but you’ll still see a 27% discount applied and you’ll get domains renewals for only Rs 699 which is almost $10
Manually tested Godaddy renewal coupons. Get up to 35% off, between $15 – $75 in savings on average. Coupons reviewed weekly, last checked on December 17th, 2016.
Today I will share a Godaddy Renewal Coupon which will work for many of us. Try the below coupons to get 35% or 20% OFF on  domain renewals at Godaddy. I got these coupons through email for my Godaddy account which was having some domains expiring in the near future. I tested these coupons for other people also and found that they are working most of the time. As a long time Godaddy user I was desperately searching for any renewal coupons to save some money to balance my domain sales and renewal costs.  I am sure that there are lot of people who are also in the same situation.
Also, You can use one of our renewal coupons to get a great discount on domain name renewals. For instance, if you want to get a shared, VPS or dedicated server hosting packages, with our renewal coupon you’ll be able to get 35% off your first billing cycle. Godaddy is known for having some pretty amazing deals
If the domain name is expiring in 30 days or less, you can renew it by clicking on Renew Now red flag next to the domain name under your Namecheap account.
Need for Godaddy Renewal Coupon
It is a well known fact that Godaddy offers many blockbuster coupons for the new users and new orders. At Godaddy, a first time user can register a new .com domain for lowest price of $0.99 using the various available Godaddy 99 cent .com coupons. Even after the first time use of 99 cent coupon,there is a coupon for $2.25 .com domain registration which can be used many times.
But unfortunately many of the Godaddy promo codes are valid for the first purchase/first year only. You can not renew Godaddy products using normal coupons to avail discounts. When the time for renewal comes, most people realize that it is time to transfer out domains rather than paying a high price, like $14.99 for a .com domain renewal.  There starts the need for a special Godaddy renewal coupon.
I have seen many websites claiming that they provide Godaddy renewal coupon. The reality is that  almost all of such coupons  will not work for your Godaddy Domain Renewal.  If you try to apply them in the cart, you will be simply greeted by a message “The promotional code you entered is expired or inactive”. 
Now you have reached the right place. Use the below exclusive Godaddy Renewal Coupon and renew your domains at 35% or 20% discount .

How to Apply Godaddy Renewal Coupon 2016

  1. Login to your account and goto your Godaddy Account Manager->My Renewals->Select Domains. Here I assume that you are renewing a .com domain.
  2. Choose 1 year Renewal Length and without adding any other Addon products, go to the Cart.
  3. In the Godaddy Cart, the price of .com renewal will be shown as $ 15.17 including ICANN Fee.
  4. Click on the field “Promotional Code” and input one of the below Godaddy Renewal Coupon codes:
The first renewal code will give you 35% off the renewal and the second code will give you 30% off the renewal.
  1. Click Apply. You will see a message “Promotion has been applied to your cart!”. 
  2. If the price gets reduced to $9.92 with first coupon, you got 35% OFF. If the price gets reduced to $12.17 with second coupon, you are getting 20% OFF. Also change the currency in the Cart Page to your own and check the price in that. Mostly it will be less than the price in US Dollar equivalent. Such low prices are observed in INR.
  3. But the if price is still showing as $15.17, unfortunately the coupons are not valid for your account.
  4. Don’t lose hope. Now change the Currency to INR (Indian Rupees) by clicking on the button at the top left side of the Godaddy Cart Page and check the price.
  5. The price will change to INR 711 which is equivalent of USD 10.6 approximately. If you are from India, you can simply proceed and pay. Other people have to check whether their Credit Card issuer supports INR or not or try other payment methods like Skrill, Unionpay etc.

If none the above Godaddy renewal coupons are not working for you, here is another way to get discount for domain renewals.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club

If you have a fairly large domain portfolio, I would recommend joining the Godaddy Discount Domain ClubYou have to purchase the membership for an annual fee.  The existing domain renewal rates for members of Discount Domain Club are as below.
  1. .COM renewal: $8.29/year – 44% OFF
  2. .CO renewal: $24.99/year – 16% OFF
  3. .NET renewal: $7.99/year – 52% OFF
  4. .ORG renewal: $8.99/year – 50% OFF
  5. .INFO renewal: $8.99/year – 50% OFF
  6. .ME renewal: $16.99/year – 15% OFF
  7. .BIZ renewal: $8.29/year  – 47% OFF
Use the coupon CJCRMN35 to get 35% OFF on Godaddy Discount Domain Club. Free 1 year Godaddy CashParking and 1 Year Godaddy auctions membership are included in this purchase.

General: How to Renew Godaddy Domain?

  1. Login to your Godaddy Account and click on your name to open Account Manager.
  2. Click on My Renewals.
  3. Select the individual domains or other products you need to renew, and click Renew Now. In the Cart, choose a Renewal Length.
  4. Apply any coupon code you have and pay using the available payment methods and complete the Checkout process.
You can watch the below video from Godaddy Official YouTube Channel, showing how to renew domains at Godaddy.

I recommend that everyone should try the above Godaddy renewal coupon. If you experience any difficulty in applying these coupons or have any suggestions, you can me know by commenting below.
Important Note:
GoDaddy discontinued most of the promo codes related to renewals. The result has been a large leaving from GoDaddy (they lost more than 200,000 domain registrations in the past two months). However some of the renewal coupons andsome of the all-purpose coupon codes will still work for you.
We’re very sorry about GoDaddy’s decision to suspend all renewal promo codes. We will still try to give you all the best promo codes that are currently working for GoDaddy customers.

Eight Reasons why You should renew Your GoDaddy Subscription

GoDaddy is one of the most successful domain name registrars online and if you want your website to stand out among the rest, it will do you good to choose them as your web host. Here are eight reasons why you should renew your subscription to GoDaddy.

They are affordable.

Customers claim that GoDaddy is the most affordable web host among the rest. They are 70% cheaper than all of the other web hosting companies, which is beneficial to those who are trying to tighten their budget for their website needs.

They provide unlimited bandwidth.

It’s important for your website to sustain its speed especially when people start browsing simultaneously.
Some web hosting companies have issues in shutting or slowing down, which can turn away browsers and potential customers. Who wants to visit a website that often crashes? GoDaddy provides unlimited bandwidth that will enable any site to receive as much visitors, without slowing or crashing down.

They provide WordPress auto-installation.

Another advantage that GoDaddy has over other web hosting companies is that they have WordPress auto-install programs. This means that when you subscribe to them, you won’t have to worry about installingthe features you need for your site. Surely, you’ll be avoiding all of those headaches whenever you manually upload your programs.

They have the best security.

The big daddy of web hosts also provides the best security so you are protected from any hackers trying to get into your site.

They provide topnotch technical support.

Not a lot of people who put up their websites are tech savvy enough to troubleshoot every glitch in their sections. If you’re one of them, fear no more because GoDaddy has a 24/7 tech support to help you with any problem.

They have various packages for different needs.

This successful web host also made it easier for customers to find what they need by packaging their products. If you check out their various packages, you can find a promo that will feature all of the programs or apps you need minus the ones you don’t.

You’ll get affordable marketing services.

Not only are they cheaper than the rest but their marketing services are quite affordable. If your online business is still in its early stage, this feature will help you become more visible in social media and other platforms without breaking the bank.

You’ll be given the latest technology.

If all of the above is not enough, GoDaddy uses the latest technology for their web hosting services so rest assured that you will only get the best tech for your website.

The best part is you can subscribe to them once more at a much lower price!

Renewal coupons are available online and if you check them outright away, you can renew your subscription for a much lower price!
So go ahead and let GoDaddy solve all your website needs!

Godaddy Support

Godaddy has dedicated sales and support teams in a lot of countries. As mentioned above, Godaddy provides quality 24*7 supports with Phone, email, and Chat.  With best phone support and money back policy,For many Godady customers this is a selling point. Godaddy can create a big market value with excellent services and significant customer benefits. Due to big growth and big market opportunity Godaddy is also listed on New York Stock Exchange, This is significant milestone for the company growth. Godaddy Help Page will also solve a lot of issues..
Support number – (480) 505-8877 US other Global Contact details

Some things you probably didn’t know about Godaddy

If you’re not sure about Purchasing hosting or registering a domain with them, Check out these interested in these facts that give an idea about the size of the company and the how how they helo the community.
  • It was voted third Best Domain Registrar by us readers in 2018.
  • They are involved in fighting against CISPA, a bill that would allow the US Government unrestricted access to all their user data.  Also, they took an active stance back in 2012. You can see, they are not Scared of standing up for your rights, or taking on Government.
  • They are one of the few hosting providers that accept Paypal.
  • Godaddy was founded by a retiree in 1997.
  • As of January 2016, GoDaddy is said to have more than 61 million domain names under management making it the world’s largest according to Wikipedia.
  • Godaddy also sponsors nasca and football.

We think that you will find that GoDaddy delivers quality services, and is a highly trusted web hosting company that also offers great support that is available 24/7. Our page carries the most up to date and active coupons and promo codes that Godaddy has to offer. We have personally tried many of Godaddy’s products.
Also for other coupons check out these pages namecheap promo codesgodaddy promo codes, and hostgator coupons.
Please dont hesitate to leave a msg below if you any questions about how to use the codes. We will do our best to assist quickly.
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