Transferring a Domain Name Between GoDaddy Accounts

There are a few different reasons why you might need to transfer a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another. Maybe a client has already purchased their domain name and you’d like to host it on your company account, or perhaps you just want to consolidate all your domain names onto one account for easier use. Whatever the reason, the good news is that this is very easy to do. This is called an “account change” and can be done in just a few simple steps.

Step 1:
Log in to the GoDaddy account that owns the domain that you want to transfer. (If you are transferring a client’s domain name to your company account, you will need access to the client’s GoDaddy account or else they will need to do the following few steps.)
Step 2:
Go to the “My Account Page” and locate the domain name under the “Domains” tab. Next to the domain name click “Domain Settings.”

Step 3:
Scroll down to “Additional Settings” and click “Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account.”

Step 4:
A pop-up will appear. If it does not, double-check that you have any pop-up blockers deactivated and refresh the page. When the pop-up appears, fill out the form using the details and information for the GoDaddy account that you would like to transfer it to. (If you are transferring a client’s domain name for them, these details will be your company’s information.) In order to complete the transfer, you will need to know the following about the GoDaddy account you wish to transfer the domain to:

  • Email Address associated with the account
  • Account Holder’s first and last name.
  • Account Holder’s address on record (including street address, city, state, zip, country, and phone number)

Step 5:
After filling out the information, simply click “Finish” and the account change will be initiated. (If the client has chosen to start the transfer themselves, this will be the last step that they need to do.)

Step 6:
Log in to the GoDaddy account that will be receiving the domain transfer. Click on the account name to go to the “My Account Page.” Click the “Manage” button to the right on the “Domains” tab.

Step 7:
Click the “Domains” drop-down on the left of the menu bar. Click “Pending Account Changes” to pull up all pending domain transfers.

Step 8:
Locate the domain that is being transferred. Click the check box next to the domain name and then click the check above the work “Accept.”

Step 9:
A pop-up confirming the Change Account details should appear. Again, if it does not, double check that any pop-up blockers are disabled. Once it appears, simply read the Terms of Service Agreements and click the boxes to the left of them to confirm that you have read and agreed to them.

Step 10:
Click the “OK” button. That’s it! It may take a moment to appear in your account dashboard, but within 15 minutes you should be able to use the domain name just as you would any other domain in your possession.

It really is as simple as that. It can sound intimidating to tell someone that they need to transfer their domain name to you, especially if they aren’t especially tech savvy to begin with. But, as we can see, there isn’t anything to it other than a few clicks here and there. Hopefully this guide will help clear things up next time you have to have a client transfer a domain name to your company account or vice versa.
Have any questions about transferring a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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